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HLS - Server Live and Open
5 hours ago

Come and join - play.hls-mc.uk

We have spent the last month testing our network and have been tweaking every aspect to allow for great gameplay.


Currently in our Survival Server

-Land Claiming

  • Purchase Land
  • Protect against grief and unwanted damage


Back to Business!!
9 days ago

First I would like to sincerely apologise for not being around so much lately...


I have been extremely unwell and currently in and out of hospital. This has made managing things quite challenging as my co-owner has also not really been around either....


However, I am back, and will be updating lots of things over the following days.


To start, after this post, I will be updating HLS to 1.19.4


Also, I will be recruiting some more staff to help manage the server properly and build our amazing community into something that is beyond awesome!


Thank you all for your support during these challenging times, your thoughts and cons...

HLS - What can you do?
about 1 month ago

HLS - What can you do?

Updated (20th February 2023)

Trivia! - Periodically the server will begin a Trivia Quiz which enables players to answer questions, and win prizes!

Ranks - Get rewarded for playing by gaining special ranks, these will be updated and also include bonus ranks and VIP ranks.

Rewards - Daily rewards and additional rewards for voting for our server.

Events - We will have regular events and competitions at HLS. Ranging from building constests to bounty hunting. Players are more than welcome to suggest ideas!

Lands - Easily claim land and protect from grief. GUI for players and can have collab b...

Ranks, Votes, Rewards and More!
about 1 month ago

Ranks, Votes, Rewards and More!

We have been busy over the last couple of days adding a few new features to HLS-MC including ranks, voting, player rewards and more!

Trivia Challenges


When you first join HLS you will automatically obtain the rank of Rogue. When you register on our website you will gain the rank of Civilian. The longer ...

Bedrock Compatible!
about 1 month ago

We are pleased to announce that Bedrock Players can now join HLS!


All ports for JAVA and Bedrock are defaults...











Please, feel free to join, and let us know if there are any problems!


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